I’ve recently been feeling a bit uninspired. I couldn’t quite pin point why, but I would say that the past few months of freezing cold, snow, and unavoidable parka weather could be the cause. I’ve been needing something to excite me, something different. Changing my hair is always a sure fire way to get the ball rolling, so I figured, why not?

I teamed up with L’Oreal Hair and used the colorista semi-permanent dye and brought my hair to a bright, almost indigo blue (Check it out on Instagram if you haven’t seen it yet!). I enjoyed it for a few days before speeding up the fading process which has now left me with this cool grey/silver/blue undertone creation, which I have to say, I’m kind of digging right now. I feel like anytime I switch up my hair, wether just the style, or the color, it gives me a new identity. A fresh start. A new vibe. A new inspiration.

With this newly updated appearance, I didn’t want to stop at just my hair. I wanted a bit more. And what better way to compliment a new look, than with a fresh pair of frames. I found this great online boutique, www.polette.com, which has seriously amazing frames that you can customize with different lenses to suit your needs, and the prices are insanely reasonable. I posted this on my insta-story while trying to decide on a pair and got a ton of DMs asking which site I was on so I knew I had to share! I ended up picking this cool tortoiseshell and gold combo frame and am super impressed with the quality and will definitely be hopping back online to pick out a few more pairs!

What do you guys think?


Glasses | Polette

Jacket | Urban Outfitters

Tee | Custom

Jeans | H&M

Boots | Aldo

Watch | Kapten & Son

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