Sometimes style isn’t about the overly planned look. It’s not about grabbing every trendy piece in your closet, throwing them all on at once, and hoping the fashion gods bless you with an acceptable outcome. Style can be a white tee and jeans. It’s about how you wear your pieces and how they make you feel. More and more lately I’m inspired by simplicity and comfort. Hence today’s easy hoodie and jeans combo.

Normally I’m not big into logos or any writing on my clothing, but let’s be real, who doesn’t love New York? I’ve been collecting grey hoodies lately like they’re going out of style (someone please confirm that they AREN’T) and this one was no exception. I loved the bold burgundy lettering and knew it would help add a little pop to a rather basic outfit.

Now onto the boots. I CANT STOP WEARING THEM. Seriously guys, I’m obsessed. I originally saw them on the Aldo website and knew immediately that they had to be mine. I was drawn to the strong cognac color and the double zips going up each side was a really cool detail that hadn’t graced my shoe collection yet. I’m already dreading the day when they are no longer in perfect condition and have been wondering if it would be crazy to scoop up a second pair for the day these bad boys bite the dust. Is that weird? Do any of you do that, have ‘back ups’ of your favorite pieces?  Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!

img_20161210_000536  img_20161209_200619img_20161209_200919  img_20161209_193039


Coat | Joseph

Hoodie | H&M

Jeans | H&M

Boots | Aldo

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