You’re probably asking yourself, did he really just ‘ Thank’ California? As cheesy as that sounds, yes, yes I did. Now let me explain. I thought I was feeling inspired, and creating great content, and was quite pleased with life. Then I took a trip to California for a week and everything changed. The sunshine. … Continue Reading

I’ve recently been feeling a bit uninspired. I couldn’t quite pin point why, but I would say that the past few months of freezing cold, snow, and unavoidable parka weather could be the cause. I’ve been needing something to excite me, something different. Changing my hair is always a sure fire way to get the … Continue Reading

You all know that feeling, when you’re out shopping at the mall, or perusing online looking for something to buy, you know, that ‘thing’ that’s missing from your closet, but you can’t quite pin point exactly what it is, but you know that you need it? Yeah, that feeling. Well, it happens to me about … Continue Reading

Winter can be such a boring time of year in terms of style. Fall is amazing with all the cozy layers and lightweight jackets, but winter, it just screws you over with weather so cold that unless you’re dressed to go dog sledding in the north pole (which usually isn’t the best look), you’re miserable … Continue Reading

If there’s one thing you can never have too many of, it’s biker jackets. And a suede biker jacket is no exception. Although I have a million and one leather biker jackets, and realistically, another one was the last thing my wardrobe needed, I just couldn’t pass this one up. It was suede, so that automatically qualified … Continue Reading

One thing I love about neutrals, is that they go with everything. One thing I don’t love about neutrals, is that when paired together, they can sometimes look flat. For me, I love a good neutral situation so I always make sure if that’s the route I’m going, that I try to pick different textures, … Continue Reading

Do you remember growing up and all the cool kids made fun of the kids who either had braces, or who wore glasses, or even worse, both? Yeah, I wasn’t one of those cool kids. Although I didn’t need braces OR glasses, I remember so many times asking my dentist to let me get braces … Continue Reading

Do you guys ever add something new to your wardrobe and just itch until you can finally break it out and show it to the world? That was totally me this weekend. I recently added a pair of Adidas gazelles to my shoe collection (because you can never have too many shoes, right?) and have … Continue Reading

Sometimes style isn’t about the overly planned look. It’s not about grabbing every trendy piece in your closet, throwing them all on at once, and hoping the fashion gods bless you with an acceptable outcome. Style can be a white tee and jeans. It’s about how you wear your pieces and how they make you … Continue Reading

This time of year I always find myself gravitating towards a bit of a uniform. Those few key pieces you just can’t live without. Instead of wearing the same thing everyday though, I tend to collect different variations of my favourite staples. Just like many years in the past, I have a few repeat offenders. … Continue Reading